1. Manuscripts are written in Indonesian or English. The length of the manuscript is not expected to exceed 10 pages. Script writing templates can be found at<<template>>
  2. The systematics of the manuscript are: the title which must be written briefly and describes the content of the manuscript; author's name (without academic degree); author's affiliation; email address; abstract (150 – 200 words); keywords (at least three); an introduction that contains the background and purpose or scope of the writing; main discussion (can be divided into several sub-sections); conclusion or conclusion; bibliography (only contains referenced sources).
  3. Tables and figures must be numbered and full titles and must be referred to in writing. Example: Table 1, Table 2(a), Figure 1, Figure 2(a).
  4. Mathematical equations must be numbered in regular brackets and must be referred to in writing.
  5. Sources of literature/references as far as possible are libraries published in the last 10 years. The preferred libraries are primary sources in the form of research reports (including Thesis/Final Project, Thesis, Dissertation) or research manuscripts in scientific journals and/or magazines.
  6. References to library sources in the manuscript use the name and year. References in the Bibliography are listed in alphabetical and chronological order.
  7. All manuscripts are reviewed in a blind-review by reviewers appointed by the editor according to their field of expertise. Script writers are given the opportunity to make revisions (revisions) of the manuscript on the basis of recommendations/suggestions from reviewers and implementing editors. Confirmation of loading or rejection of the manuscript will be notified in writing via email.
  8. The proofreading and editing are carried out by the editor and/or by involving the author. Manuscripts that are already in test print can be canceled by the editor if they are found to have problems.
  9. Everything related to licensing of citations or the use of computer software for the manufacture of manuscripts or other matters related to intellectual property rights carried out by the author of the manuscript, along with the legal consequences that may arise because of it, are the full responsibility of the author of the manuscript..
  10. Authors whose manuscripts are published are free of charge.