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The use of high-resolution remote sensing image data is necessary to distinguish essential plants with other plants. This study uses image data taken using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to identify essential plants especially citronella and kaffir lime. To distinguish the structure of essential plants with other objects used texture features extracted by wavelet daubechies method. The features that have been ekstract, then is grouped based on the proximity feature with the Self Organizing Map (SOM) Neural Network. Thus, objects that have similar features will clump together. The tests were conducted on two groups of data sets,  where the first group data consisted of plants, buildings and vacant lots, while the second group data consisted only of plants. The results of testing of the first data group shows that the techniques can recognize the citronella plants among other objects, especially building objects and bare land with purity of 0.862745 and Silhouette Coeficient of 0.5520671. While in the second data group, the value of purity and Silhouette Coeficient decreased to 0.737705 and 0.161028. However, from  the test of the second data group still shows that the method used can distinguish citronella crops to other plants.

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